Honeymoon in Dubai – an Ideal Tour

honeymoon in dubai

Diving into the beaches, experiencing adventurous rides, or witnessing incredible skyscrapers-all this and other amazing stuff with your partner right beside you. Isn’t that a honeymoon you always dreamt of? If you are planning for a honeymoon in Dubai then this place is the perfect destination that will take care of your bucket list and will provide an experience nothing short of perfect. Dubai is the city that promises to provide such a romantic experience and therefore this capital city is often referred to as a couple’s paradise.

There are several romantic activities to get indulged in here in Dubai. From a romantic date on a yacht to discovering a new sky at the mighty Burj Khalifa, there are several breathtaking affairs that you would surely not want to miss out on. But sometimes it’s quite difficult to explore everything on your own in such a limited amount of time. So here we will guide you on how you can make most of your honeymoon trip in Dubai and then you can come up with your list of things to do on a honeymoon in Dubai.

Best Activities And Locations To Explore In Dubai With Your Partner

1.Burj Khalifa

It’s a crime if you talk about Dubai and forget about the mighty Burj Khalifa. The tallest building in the world is a go-to spot for the couples. The fountains, gardens and the architecture is enough to take your breath away.  

It is located at the Sheikh Zayed Road, Downton, and has an entry from the Dubai Mall 

2.Dubai Aquarium

If you want to experience marine life closely then Dubai Aquarium is one of the best places on earth. It has captivating marine creatures of over 140 species and holds 10 million liters of seawater. With the kind of activities, it offers such as cage snorkeling and shark diving it promises to provide an experience of a lifetime and will give you some of the best memories to cherish with your partner.

3. Dubai Mall

Nothing can make your loved one happy more than shopping. The Dubai Mall offers a shopping experience like none other. There are 1200 stores open in Dubai Mall, the number only is fascinating enough. This mall is a home for all sorts of brands in jewelry and apparel. Along with this, this place also has an ice skating rink, gaming zone, and of course cinema halls. 


If you want to roam around in the streets and explore the markets of Dubai then Diera is the place for you. This district is situated on the Northern bank of the Dubai Creek. The place is full of markets offering diverse goods from spices to merchandise. Moreover, this place also hosts the largest gold bazaar in the world i.e. Deira Gold Souk. 

5.Desert Fun

Luxurious experience and mesmerizing scenes, this sums up the experience at Marriott Al Maha, a luxury Villa hotel located deep in the desert. This romantic place is tailor-made for couples. You can spend quality time with your loved one in a private pool gazing at the sunset and the kind of dexterity this place provides makes the experience even more special.

6.Dhow Dinner Cruise

A romantic dinner with your partner away from the loudness of the city. In addition to this, you will also witness various performances onboard that will make you fall in love with the place even more.

7.Bateaux Dubai Cruise

Yet another brilliant and romantic dinner cruise. The best thing about this cruise is that you can witness the beauty of Dubai by water. This place promises to serve maximum comfort along with modern facilities. Most people debate stating that Bateaux Dubai Cruise is better than Dhow Dinner Cruise but both of them have their specialty. So you can choose between them according to your budget and likings.

8.Spa Date

This city also hosts some amazing spa amidst luxuries and sky-touching architectures.

The soothing massage is very helpful in relieving stress and also rejuvenating the mind. Some of the best spa boutiques from which you can choose are SensAsia Urban Spa and Anantara. 

These were some of the best locations you must visit and some of the activities that you would love pursuing with your partner. All this together would make your honeymoon gratifying and pleasant. Other than exploring delight, another important factor is, where to stay.

Some of the best hotels in Dubai are The Oberoi Dubai, The Address Dubai Marina, and Ritz Carlton Dubai. These hotels provide the best honeymoon facilities and will leave no stone unturned to make your stay worthwhile.

Apart from these, the other question arises is when is the best time to visit Dubai. The best time to visit Dubai is between November and March. The weather and the happenings during these months give the beyond perfect experience.

The recommended duration for a honeymoon in Dubai is 4 nights and 5 days so that the couple enjoys the trip to the fullest. In this duration, the couple can check on all the stunning views of Dubai, explore the adventure activities, shop, and much more.

The honeymoon package available for Dubai has some exciting offers that one can opt for. They include meals, sightseeing, airport transfer, entry ticket, etc. It is quite affordable too. The facilities available are up to 3 stars and 4 stars which depends on the package you choose. One of the best Honeymoon packages available for Dubai includes 4-star hospitality, meal, sightseeing, and transfer. The other one has up to 3-star hospitality, meals, sightseeing, airport pick up, and drop and each of these is easily affordable considering the services that are being provided. Dubai package from Mumbai offers all the above-mentioned hospitality and discounts too. They are the ones highly opted by people.

To conclude, Dubai is a paradise for couples. The undeniable beauty of Dubai and the above-mentioned tips will make your honeymoon the best trip of your life that will start with enthusiasm and will become an everlasting cherishable memory. 

Wish you a Happy and safe journey!

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