Best Honeymoon Destinations To Visit In Dubai In July

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Honeymoon is the best time for romance and love and You can easily find the ideal honeymoon destination in the UAE. Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates and is an exotic place to spend your honeymoon. This glimpse of dubai offers ideal winter conditions, large shopping centers, first-class hotels and calm beaches.

There are many other activities for couples in this city that can captivate your honeymoon. The perfect Dubai Tour packages for a tour of Dubai will take you through interesting water parks; Atlantis, wild wadi and Yas’s aquatic world. Enjoy incredible water slides, rides, wave pools and much more in the park. The Dubai Aquarium has underwater species from all over the world and you can enjoy glass-boat rides there.

To enjoy your time with loved ones, you need to take a tour around the city of Dubai. This will help you save time and identify the most romantic places in Dubai.

The tallest skyscraper in the world is the only architectural archive in the world. Offering luxurious shopping centers, exciting desert safaris, tranquil resort spas and year-round beach weather. The bride and groom can enjoy the happiness of a wedding from amazing places.

Dubai Miracle Garden: the largest flower garden in the world



I’m sure ordinary visitors can’t hide their amusement when visiting the Great Park in Dubai, one of the most visited tourist attractions. And my only advice for you is to pause, take a deep breath and explode happily, because why not? After all, this is the largest flower garden in the world, with about 109 million flowers offering visual pleasure for your eyes. You can spend a full day admiring and maybe smelling bubbles. in the park. Say the magical garden is without doubt one of the most popular places and frequented by nature lovers.

Bastakia: Dubai’s old and traditional city


Explore the other side of Dubai by visiting Bastakia, which is also known as the historical area of ​​Al Fahidi or Al Bastakiya. It is parallel to the Fort Al Fahidi and Dubai River and is an ideal place to take a walk across the cultural heritage to explore the area around Dubai. Here the place offers an interesting view of Arabic culture. Here you can see the architectural wonders of old houses, brown wooden doors, wind towers and white mosques, which make it a place worth seeing. This historic place, Bastakia, even offers cultural lovers a clear feeling and soothing balm for the city silhouette that was previously modern. The old city of Dubai is open on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10.30am to 12:00 noon and Saturday from 9.00am to 10.30am.

Deira Souk: The biggest gold market in the world



The city of Dubai has many markets, but Deira is the ideal tourist destination that every tourist likes. Located near Dubai Creek, it is said to have been founded in the 1830s. If you come here, you can still see the old architectural styles and market wood arches. But wait, let me tell you the best and the only destination of your entire trip here is likely to see a variety of gold in the shop window and even better, buy it permanently, but you just want to have everything! Apart from gold, tourists and locals come and collect varieties of other home-made spices such as cumin, turmeric, incense, rose water, and incense from a separate market next to the golden souk.

Dubai Aquarium: The largest underwater zoo



When you have seen enough of Dubai’s attractions that I doubt will ever happen, go to one of the malls, Dubai Mall, and admire the various marine animals in the aquarium. This attraction is considered the largest aquarium in the world and has around 140 types of water. You can watch several as you walk through the 48 meter long climbing tunnel. However, to have a better experience, why not be a bit adventurous and stop diving and shark diving, this will create an unforgettable lifetime experience. Another activity that might be suitable for vacation or seniors is glass-bottomed boat tours.

Global Village: Extravaganza all day with entertainment, food and shopping

Global Village

Global Village is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai and the best place to be with friends and family. When darkness falls, the whole village lights up with colorful and decorative light bulbs and offers a pleasant atmosphere. With a variety of different pavilions, each offering cultural attractions from various countries, this place is definitely a must. Visit the pavilion in Egypt to buy antiques and their (Jalabiya) traditional clothes. Oman bought fashion accessories from Oman, China for colorful flower dresses and the African Pavilion for hand carved artifacts. You can also get beautiful rugs from Iran and ethnic clothing from the Indian and Pakistani pavilions. I bet the night here will lift your spirits when you go on the stage. Have fun; and end the perfect night with dishes from various countries.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve: The Beginning of the Arabic Gazelle


A short break in this city is very important, even if you only come for a city tour, because there is some natural scenery that you only need to explore in Dubai. One of the amazing places, a popular wildlife destination where you can find native species, is the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Species such as the sand deer, mountain deer and Arabic oryx meet tourists in this reserve. On an area of ​​225 km², you can access one of four zones through a guide or tour operator. H. If you plan a quick day tour. However, if you choose to stay in their luxury game resort, three other resort guests are available.

Alserkal Art District: A meeting point for artists and art lovers


Alserkal Art District is one of the best places for connoisseurs and art lovers in Dubai and is a popular center. Schedule a visit here and visit a number of contemporary art galleries. Some of them are smaller startups. There are several galleries that have been established such as the Chicken Gallery, Green Art Gallery and Third Lane. This area serves as a platform for new talent and helps highlight beautiful works of art. In fact, the Alserkal Art District also has a mix of restaurants and fashion boutiques that are opened by local designers. You certainly can feel a livelier vibe, unlike in other tourist attractions, more skilled with nuances for a good atmosphere.

Dubai Opera: a place for cultural entertainment and entertainment


When it comes to entertainment, the city of Dubai is not behind, but a popular tourist attraction that should not be missed is the Dubai Opera House in the center of Dubai. For a night in Dubai, this is one place that is worth a visit for music entertainment. Here you will find inspiration in opera performances, ballet, comedy nights, concerts and even playing classical instruments. Dubai Opera House is a kind of extraordinary architectural beauty that can accommodate up to 2,000 cultural fans. Come every season and find a variety of dramas here, which are performed in various musical theaters. There is also breakfast at the top of the building which serves many kitchens.

Bur Dubai Grand Mosque: Dubai’s architectural wonders


Dubai has a mix of nationalities and a combination of places of worship, but one of the most popular shrines in Dubai is none other than the Great Mosque. This architectural wonder is under the eight largest mosques in the world and the largest in the United Arab Emirates. It was the first event at the commemoration of Sheikh Zayed, former President of the United Arab Emirates. There’s no way visitors won’t like this place from afar. This prestigious treasure in Dubai shines in bright blue light at night. And that is probably one of the most photographed tourist attractions in the world. The corridor of the mosque is surrounded by the largest lamp in the world with 24 carat gold, which is coated with pillars that are placed as leaves to the ground.

Dubai Museum: home to historic artifacts and legendary art


Al Fahidi Fort, the city’s oldest structure, is probably one of the destinations in Dubai. If you are a fan of history, the Dubai Museum is located indoors. Here you can learn more about developing Dubai from an abandoned fishing village to one of the future states. Inside are pictures and artifacts from the life of the Bedouins and the importance of the sea before the discovery of oil. The Dubai Museum also has a number of archaeological findings. I can say that this is the best place for an educational trip with your children and even parents who are very interested in Arabic nomadic life.


There are many hidden gem places in the UAE. If you expect a beautiful honeymoon full of love, go to Dubai. This route is best suited for couples who are looking for the perfect honeymoon. You will be amazed by the amazing beauty of the city. Our tour packages will enhance your honeymoon journey.

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